So long… partner….. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you!

So the end is here the group project has come to end after weeks of creating awesome content and experimenting and exploring new ideas the end of the road is here……. but fret not where does this project go from here? well I am going to leave that choice to you… do I continue it in my own time away from university? does it end here what does all this mean? let’s take a walk down memory lane here is a short video looking back at all the projects for #VFL18

Let’s review all this work and evaluate what was good what worked and what didn’t work, and wrap up this project!

So I have done quite a lot of editing for this group project as well as experimenting with 2 cameras the Cannon 7D and the Sony A7R that’s 4K resolution. Now to start with the Cannon 7D was okay at times but the quality would be bad when it came to editing various things and not to mention the audio being really bad on the camera, even with a Rhode microphone attached it was still bad. I tried to adapt with the Cannon 7D and use a Phillips DV8010 Digital Audio Recorder to record the voice then sync it into the video it sounded pretty well but the quality and the overall look just wasn’t as intended, especially when it came to green screen editing on Premiere Pro, it made the green screen all choppy and wound’t blend in properly and you could see on the footage, even using Ultra Key and setting it to Aggressive to try chop out them bit still wound’t work, I think this was the biggest challenge that was overcome during this group project. I then came across the Sony A7R as I was using it for my Image assignment and thought hey this camera takes amazing pictures and the quality is suburb so was thinking wonder what the video quality is like as it say 4K, so tested it out with a few demo green screen shots then edited them together too see what it would be like to use it for this green-screen social media assignment, and turns out it was pretty decent so we continued with the Sony A7R in the end, because it was easy to edit with more compact and had 4K resolution, even the 1080p quality was better than the 1080p quality on the Cannon 7D and the Panasonic X100 that was previously used.

After the right camera was found after extensive search and using different equipment it was then down to try and fix the green screen and make it look as good as possible, without the lines down the screen or it fading in and out of the footage. This was the biggest challenge of the entire group project as we wanted a project that showed the creativity and experimental ideas that goes towards making a project, as well as showcasing work that we took to create and the process along the way.

I think overall through out the months working on this project me and Matthew have developed quite a lot and we built upon what we had, we also improved quite a lot as film makers, even though we did some pretty amazing horror things for the social media group project last year, this project was mainly focused upon green screen something we had hardly done before and hardly had any knowledge on, we did start with audio but we couldn’t be as creative doing that so I came up with the green screen madness project using the green screen. This is something I have wanted to go into more depth with as I have never done this in my years of doing media production from my time at College 2010-2015 and then University as it isn’t something that is done as a module, so it was good to learn something else on top of the modules at university, this is the reason why I thought it was a good idea to do for this project, to learn something new and be creative about it then experiment with it then edit and share it with the world so they can join us on this journey of something new.

I did also have an idea to produce a music track as I know how to produce music on a synthesizer and the computer sequencer FL STUDIO but unfortunately we don’t have access to the recording studios within the university there only for music students. I also had ideas for some more horror relating things but we hasn’t access to stuff we had last year to make these horror things that we had planned. I also planned this project to be a one film project and the process going into the making of it and behind the scenes which was based upon a Joker film I had scripted that is 138 pages long but this idea fell through due to not getting people involved as the project needed 3 main actors and 5 guest actors and a few extras, but due to no one willing to help out with the project this idea completely fell through but it would of been amazing to make and the process that went in to it, so for now this idea will be shelved once again, looking like this might never happen unless a miracle happens or I if Warner Bros pics it up as I sent the script into Warner Bros to take a look at highly doubtful but you never know. I spent 2 years writing that script going through all DC comics material on The Joker and Harley Quinn so then I could write them characters as I wanted and to keep them true to the comics and give them the writing they deserved and not the trash Warner Bros is allowing writers to do at the moment with DC films. You can take a look at the draft version here: Joker Film DRAFT VERSION

Finally to wrap up this project the things that could be improved next time is find a better green screen and maybe use After Effects and make our own rigs and animations to put in the background and test out how that would work. Another thing which could be improved is to go further and add special effects into it and go through the process on how to make these things, that gave me an idea which we could have done for project it could have been a How to project showing you how to make certain things, we still don’t know what the overall product was for the project as it could of been many things if you look at the bigger picture, what we wanted was to show the creativity and the experimental things you can do if you put your mind to it, we also think the project is mainly tell stories within film and use the green screen show and apply these effects.

Well that’s it THE SHIP HAS SAILED! what’s next? who knows it’s your choice if this ship sinks or continues it’s voyage to better and bigger things.



So for the final blog for #VFL18 we decided to a mash up of 2 things and experimental on how we could create these things. In the end we decided to use the Call on Me dance that I would try and re-enact the dance but make it as funny as possible and try makes some memes out of it. The other part is Gold digger by Kanye West which then leads into the Call on Me dance. I think overall this turned out pretty well and me and Matthew Letts pulled out quite a few memes from this which will be added into the Presentation for #VFL18. In general we wanted to make this as comedic as possible and we tried out a few things to make this possible obviously some of the footage we didn’t use as we thought it wasn’t how we wanted it to turn out. I came up with this whole initial idea of the comedic re-enactment and in general directed it and said what was what and how it was going to look overall.

I wanted to do something like this for a comedic effect and thought that this group project was a good way to do this. I had a few ideas for this so sat down with Matthew and discussed what would could do in another meeting to generate more ideas, and to yet again reflect on what we did and see how we could take this project further, and if we would carry it on and what this group project actually mean’t as it was a bit jumbled up as it could of been many things.

Originally I wanted the green screen to look like a studio like the Call On Me music video below:

I had to watch the video a few times to try and get all the dance moves into my own version that we where creating, this was a challenge and half as I ain’t a dancer or choreographer I did try my best and got most of it accurate to the video. I then tried out some test dances and moves before we filmed this to get the right tempo and to try and focus on what was going on within the video, due to it being an upbeat music track it was difficult I think overall though it turned out pretty well and looks good, it also looks more comedic to the original version which is the look that I was going for.


April 05th 2018….THE JOKER RISES

So to start off with I came up with an Idea of a person who had his face burn’t off due to a chemical reaction in a chemical vat similar to The Joker, this is why he becomes obsessed with The Joker and wears Joker masks to cover up his face and hide away his scars. So I sat down with Matthew Letts and discussed this idea into more further depth and how we would film it and what voice I should do for this person who I named “Burn’t Faced Man” or as he likes to call himself The Joker as it has become an obsession of his. So after further discussion with Matthew Letts we came up with an overall idea how we were going to approach this and I decided to put a random voice after testing out a few accents, I think this accent sounds Indian I am not too sure it’s something that randomly happened and I went with it so didn’t know what I would sound like until it came to me editing this video. Matthew Letts filmed this and I told him what was what and how I wanted it and how we were going to approach this just like in the meeting we had from the last blog on the ideas and how we can improve upon what we had already done, and to take this green screen thing to the next level.

Here is some screenshots of me editing the video and the process of it :

References (Joker Video) – Background last assessed 30/03/18 – Joker laugh end part last assessed 30/03/18

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Next up we have the next video another Idea of mine which I developed upon on the day, it started off with Matthew Letts improvising then I was like you know what your going to be a guy living in a dumpster and we will interview your live and what it’s like to live in a dumpster. I filmed this one as well as edited it along side filming it and Matthew Letts starred as Paul The Dumpster Guy. Unlike the Joker one Matthew didn’t put a voice on for this one and he mainly improvised this character and method acted it from something that he had previously seen to match that and make his own character from scratch. For the editing process I wanted it to look like something like Trailer Park Boys the Canadian Netflix show interview style like so I went off this when it came to the editing process and also filming with the camera angles and the shots. I did want a certain look to it but there was hardly any scrapyard like animated scenes green screen wise that I could of incorporated into it so had to improvise with what I could find that would give it the look that I wanted.

Here are some screenshots of me editing this video

References (Paul The Dumpster) – Music Last assessed 05/04/18 – Background – Last assessed 05/04/18 – Background 2 – Last assessed 05/04/18 – BACKGROUND IMAGE last assessed 05/04/18 – Blue Sky – last assessed 05/04/18….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.10.1035…0j0i67k1j0i10k1.0.u70JuuGFntc#imgrc=hVc7eGqderqvCM: – Trailer background – last assessed 05/04/18

The Madness Continues…… #VFL18

20th March 2018 – THE MADNESS CONTINUES #VFL18

So we decided to have a little meeting to discuss more ideas and were we can take this project next. We also reviewed our previous work as well as saying what we can do to improve future projects, we decided to do this as a 9 minute production video instead of typing like a 3,000 word+ blog so you can just sit back and listen to our ideas and our reviews on our work for the project. We also go into more depth into the whole idea of filming in the studio warehouse in Leicester.

We decided to do another 2 TV adverts this time more of an original content but taking a product and making an advert for it. For both of the advert I filmed the entire thing and experimented with different shots and camera angles, and Matthew edited them which you can see below: I think personally these 2 adverts work really well and they were better than previous adverts that we decided to do an is a massive improvement on the freaks and geeks advert that we did. I like doing TV adverts and coming up with fresh new ideas and mash old ideas together to create something that is good and unique and to give it that extra pzazz. I think for these TV ads I did some pretty good camera shots and angles compared to the other stuff I have filmed for this project and I feel as time goes on you can see how much more creative I am being with my shots, and the fact that I am experimenting a lot more and wanting to try out things to see how well they work together. For these TV adverts I wanted them too look unique and different so experimented quite a lot and looked up things on how to shoot an advert and how to make it look unique and something different to what has been done before.

For next time in the green screen we have decided to make up our own character with there own back story and then become that character and method act that character who will be interviewed about there own story. Matt will play Paul the Dumpster guy and I will play a guy who has had his face burn’t off and goes around wearing masks to cover up the scars.



So myself and Matthew got together once more this time we wanted to recreate a TV show as well as create our own from scratch but base it around a 90s theme looking show so we spent a while coming up with ideas and testing things out, as well as experimenting with the green screen and props.

First up is we decided to recreate the “Freaks and Geeks” TV intro here is that intro:

Now here is our version that we created we tried to keep it the same but add a little bit more passazz to it so here’s our version which Matthew edited. From the freaks and geeks TV show we learned to take something and recreate it in our own way and make it look a bit more modern and too today’s liking and a HD recreation of the original TV opening.

Next up is our own TV show intro that we decided to make we looked at a few ideas off old TV shows to gather up an idea on what we wanted to do. We mainly looked and liked this video which we took inspiration for for this opening of ours:

Next up in video below is our version which Matthew once again edited and I filmed parts of as well as came up with the initial idea for it. From this we learned to be bit more experimental with our camera angles and camera shots, and to try out different things and see if they fit in well and look good. We also learned that some certain camera angles look better for different things and how you position your camera and the shot type can totally change the meaning of that certain section of the scene.

So I came up with the idea of making a little piece from Doctor Who, The Time War to be exact and I wanted to create a few scenes of the doctor battling then regenerating at the end, I got Matthew in to help film the scenes as I would play the doctor, once the scenes where filmed I went away with the footage and then edited it via premiere pro here are a few images of the editing process.





And finally after hours of editing this all together and finding clips to mash together to make it look somewhat like the time war with added things added into it, we have the final product which you can view below:

I learned quite a lot from making this edit on premiere pro, I advanced my skills further in premiere pro and after effects as well as trying to light the subject more into a scene to make it look professional. I also learned how to place things in with the green screen properly and not have them overlapping and colliding with each over, which yet again makes the entire thing look a lot more professional. I think the bad thing at the moment with the green screen stuff is that there are lines going down the green screen which are very noticeable in stages especially the regeneration part, it makes the whole thing look tacky and unprofessional I did try a few techniques to try and remove this but had no luck, so at the moment this is what is letting us down to make them look exceptional which is what we want to go for.

References for the Time War video – Daleks , Last assessed 17/03/18 – Daleks, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Regeneration, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Tardis Landing, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Regeneration 2, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Tardis door open and close, last assessed 17/03/18 – Tardis taking off , last assessed 17/03/18 – Dalek ships, last assessed 17/03/18 – Opening titles, last assessed 17/03/18 – Portal, last assessed 17/03/18 – Lava, last assessed 17/03/18 – Gallifrey backdrop, last assessed 17/03/18

The Room Parody & Green-screen Madness

February 22nd 2018 – The Madness Continues #VFL18 #VIEWFROMLEICESTER

So me and Matthew Letts had discussed parodying the film The Room and making the famous scenes from the film, and making them even more funnier than they already where. We decided to film in the green screen room as there is more space and has some props to throw around so we could experiment with various things, which Matthew filmed and I portrayed Johnny from the film killing himself for this first part.

We also sat down for a bit and discussed what we could do with the green screen and what we can do for future projects, we wanted to do some more horror films like we did for the social media group project last year. We also discussed other things related to the ‘British Council Film Collection‘  and maybe we could do some war related green screen stuff and film it in black and white, we are at early stages for that be we did test out a comedic war death scene on the green screen, which will be included later in this blog.

Just some pictures of 2 casual people working on the #VFL18 group project! as well as working the lights to light up our scenes we filmed in the green screen room.

Here is some evidence of me editing the footage it was pretty easy for the white effect I just used the Ultra Key in Premiere Pro then added a filter over the top, I did try to add in a background to make it look good but due to the moving around and things being thrown this was impossible for my skills of green screen editing and special effects and the fact we didn’t put any trackers on the green screen.

Here is the link to the final footage of what I edited together once it was all edited and music added in

References to things used in the footage:

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

The Room – Crazy Johnny Soundtrack

What went well for this green screen segment was that it was pretty accurate to the actual scene without smashing things and smashing a TV and mirror, What I was disappointing about is we couldn’t actually green screen the background and add funny things in due to the fact we had no trackers to place down so the backgrounds would follow the person and things flying around, think if we did that then it would look a whole lot better than this gritty white looking background as that’s all I could do with it.

Next up is the green-screen madness that me and Matthew randomly came up with whilst we where filming in the green screen room and discussing ideas on how to take the project further, it’s a mash of all sorts ideas that where made up there on the spot along with a few more parody things set out like a TV show spot with adverts.I came up with the initial idea and Matthew edited the entire segment below.

I also edited together a little green screen Doctor Who regeneration totally forgot to take screenshots of me editing the video, as you can see in the video which is below there are 3 tardis inserts around the regeneration segment these I did not make I edited them a bit in after effects like the lighting to make them a bit more vibrant but did not create them I totally lost the links to these tardis videos which is on me I should have made a note of them something I will do in the future when I am editing green screen things.I also added in the sounds for the tardis blowing up and the music throughout the videos. Finally here is the video I have created:

What is planned next for the #VFL18 blog well we plan on doing some more green screen stuff, we plan on doing a TV recreation of the TV intro Freaks and Geeks, we also plan on doing a Doctor Who trailer and edit myself into it regenerating and fighting daleks and other creatures and an underwater scene. The next blog will basically be an experimental artsy like videos trying to incorporate special effects if we can into the videos that we create for the project.

Jigsaw takes over the AUDIO?! I did not do it I did nawt!?

February 20th 2018 – It starts here #VFL18 #ViewFromLeicester

So me and Matthew decided to do some audio based projects and then edit sound effects and music into them to spice this group project up a lit bit more, and add some much needed pzazz. We decided to do some The Room scenes and make up and edit our own SAW scene from scratch in audio format which to be honest was really good and one that sounds good, it was a bit of a pain to edit due to levels in the audio booth and Matthew screaming at certain points but it came out pretty well once the sound effects and the music was added into the audio production.

Here is the pair of us working on this audio based projects and having some fun creating these for the #VFL18 View from Leicester group project.

First up is the SAW audio something I decided to do and planned a little script that we could go off then record this in the audio booth. I also edited the entire audio with sound effects and music added into the audio screenshot below shows me editing the project: This is something I decided I wanted to do due to the new saw film Saw 8 or as known in cinemas Jigsaw was released in October 2017 it the first film since SAW 7 : THE FINAL CHAPTER in 2010 and did good at the box office making $103 million from a $10 million budget.


Matthew also created a little poster on Photoshop to promote the short audio. I edited it a bit more as you can see in the screenshot above for the background image to overlay over the top of the audio playing.


Here is the audio for the saw scene which I created and edited and Matthew starred in and made poster for:

Next up we decided to recreate some scenes from the 2003 film “The Room” as this film is full of memes well the whole film is a meme in general, as stated “Best movie ever created” it’s so bad it’s hilarious best comedy film to date it’s a masterpiece, this is why we decided to have a crack at recording some scenes from the film and making them more comedic. This again was my idea as this whole audio section mainly was and me and Matthew discussed what we could do for this section of the project.

I edited the audio on Adobe Audition I had to correct some of the levels as Matthew’s parts where really quiet, so I had to add some gain to make it all level, after I did that I then added in the music over the top then exported and viola you have the finished product. this was the music used in the audio.


I think overall this turned out pretty well I myself could of tried to make Johnny’s voice a bit better I did try to recreate his iconic dull voice, but due to my northern accent this was a tad hard but I think I did a pretty darn good job at it. Matthew’s Greg voice was on par dull but mysterious which it was like in the film so that came out pretty well. We did intend to recreate the entire film as a script audio format, but this would of taken up to much time we decided to recreate the iconic famous scenes in audio format.

What could be done next time for this section for group project is we could decide to do war based ones to take the inspiration from the ‘British Council Film Collection‘  and we have come up with a war death scene

Next up we decided to do an iconic scene from Star Wars Episode 3 which is a duel between Anakin and Obi Wan as Anakin finally turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. This turned out pretty well there are not fault that I can critise on this it all went according to plan and sounds pretty good with the music placed over the top, this was used as the music


Yet again I edited this in audition and did the same things as the other audio project, this one was easier to edit as the levels where the same so just a few tweaks and it was done viola another awesome audio project.