So for this section I had to create some gifs so here are the sections and the gifs that I have created for this blog:

I first edited a clip down in premiere pro to 1-3 seconds then saved the video to edit it into a gif which you can see from the screenshots below


I decided to do this one first of my favourite musician LIGHTS I created a few gifs for this section as I was playing around and experimenting making the gifs.




And here are a few more of LIGHTS because why not she’s an amazing musician



Now for this next section I took a few clips from my favourite TV shows and made them into gifs

These 2 gifs are taken from Doctor Who I messed around with the colour on the regeneration pic make it look more darker to bring the effect out more.

The rest of the gifs for this section are taken from The Vampire Diaries

giphy (1)



We shall start off with this trailer I created for a stand alone batman film.

So with this trailer I decided to mash in Suicide Squad scenes and Batman V Superman scenes to create this trailer. The film will basically be Batman losing himself due to The Joker poisoning him making Batman fighting between insanity and sanity whilst this all happens Joker and Harley’s relationship takes a turn for worse after robbing a few banks and doing some heists with Batman out of the equation for a while, Joker basically starts to reject Harley Quinn and no longer want’s her but he can’t get rid of her after various attempts. Batman goes into a nightmare world to try fight this poison and get it together before he goes truly insane, He ends up returning to Gotham after fighting it to stop The Jokers plans and restore Gotham to peace once more. I made this because I am a big Batman fan mainly a massive Joker fan so I wanted to base it mainly around him and Harley Quinn, with batman in the background even though it’s a batman film.

The next one I decided to do was a music video:

This video takes you through depression and someone being stuck in a loop on the same day trying to escape this depression but also not knowing either to be alive or die. I decided to use the Alyson Stoner cover ( for this as I think that version sounds more powerful and has more emotion to it. I decided to experiment with a few things due to being stuck in a loop having time going back and fourth not knowing what’s happening What went into this was some ideas I had I listened to the lyrics very careful so I could match my actions towards them lyrics at certain points. I also decided with the whole idea I was going down to have reverse like footage I tried recording footage backwards, and forwards then reversing it both ways to give it a certain effect. I took inspiration from my older work that I had done in the past and thought to myself right this might work. The whole reverse section was the whole not wanting to die and reversing his actions and trying to come back to reality after going through the depression and wanting to die as he regrets it and knows he can’t turn it back if he goes through with the whole idea. It was pretty simple to film just used a simple Cannon 700D camera for most of it my sister filmed it and it was the first time she had used a proper camera so it came out pretty well to say she had never used a proper camera before. The editing was done in premiere pro I forgot to take screenshots of me editing which to be honest I did for most of the videos I edited forgot to screenshot them. – Decided to film a few for this section here they are:

This is just a basic weather report with a bit of a twist and some banter added in there for comedic effects. For all these green screen shots they where taken in the TV studio at university, then used Ultra Key on premiere pro to remove the green screen to add in the background stuff. This was something I made up on the spot about a volcano erupting the green screen volcano thing took me ages to find

This is just me recreating the penny wise dance from the 2017 remake film “IT”. I took a few effects and mashed them together in each of the 3 sections to give it an atmospheric feeling. Most of the effects are royalty free taken from YouTube then mashed together. Reason I did this is because I found this scene in the IT film hilarious as it was basically a meme crying out to be popular.

So for this I took inspiration from various TV panel chat like shows like

  • Celebrity Juice
  • 8 out of 10 cats
  • Through The Keyhole
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I decided because I love celebrity juice to add in some jokes and comedic things into it, to give it that celebrity juice like chat show like feel to it. This was a thing just randomly made up on the spot I was like you know what for the video assignment I wanna do a comedic chat show for it along side some other wacky things, and so I looked on DS106 assignment bank and it was there make a short chat show. Most of this was made up like the whole mafia thing isn’t true I added it for comedic purposes to draw you into the chat show. I did plan o adding in the weather segments but I filmed this first and totally forgot to be like well here’s the weather in so and so place and all so I decided to just do them as separate videos. If the main camera’s in the TV studio was on I would of used the 3 camera set up and done  few games like they do on celebrity juice and added in a few other people and made it a chat show/ game show like video. Yet again the editing for this I forgot to take screenshots……. there wasn’t much editing it was just slicing 2 videos together and took some of the footage out which deemed not relevant or a bit over the top.



I have done a few of these so I will first post the links to all the assignments done in this blog, then go through them all one by one.


So to start off I did a Darth Vader singing edit to Rocky Horror Sweet transvestite

This is how it was made it took me a while to make this effect as I had to change loads of things, I will go into detail with them here are the screenshots of proof of editing it:

As you can see I had to mess around with the pitch and amplify it and do other effects, it wasn’t an easy edit this one to make it sound like Darth Vader. I had to also use noise reduction and hiss induction to add into the echo effect.

Here is the original before I edited it:

This is just simply me singing Rocky Horror Sweet Transvestite before applying the effects for the Darth Vader version.

Me and Matt singing Man’s Not Hot: a simple cover nothing more.

Me singing Keith Lemon – I wanna go on you – again another simple cover nothing more but with a twist.

With this one I wanted to make it more comedic than the song already was by making the singing more funny, to do that I kept changing the pitch of my voice and and accent a bit through out the song to get this comedic effect. I was going to do another version to this and edit in some effects to make it more sexual than it already is but the effects just seemed odd and just weird so this version was scrapped, so I just uploaded the normal cover version with me adding a voice on for comedic effects.


So for this section I have decided to look back at older projects that I have done and then do a little write up on them to explain them and why I created them and also a little bit about each one. I will start off with older videos and end with newer videos so you can see how I have improved and what I have changed or kept and can see my creativity in my videos (

This was back in college back in January 2014 video was uploaded in April 2014, it was a little experimental video, was the first time I properly put something together script wise and sat down with some friends discussed it then went out and filmed this little short film. as you can see it’s not too great as it was experimental and the audio has like a wind sound as I didn’t have the best of equipment then and college wouldn’t allow us to use there equipment and I had to edit it on some crappy editing software not the greatest of my work but it shows creativity and shows that I like to experiment with things. This was also the first short film I uploaded online especially to my personal YouTube channel. This was the first time I could express my interest into the media industry and to show that I have a passion for it but due to lack of people not having an interest in it or helping out back home was hard for me to continue to do it as a monthly thing I did plan on doing. With this short film I wanted to experiment with the whole idea of there loved one passing away, and then it’s there time but they want to escape it as they feel like they are not ready, and the grim reaper/death is chasing them down to take them to other side but they refuse to go quietly. when I look back on this now I think If I had better equipment this could of looked a whole let better and actually spent time making it and not just an idea on the spot, and then gone to some of my friends lets go film this. I am actually planning to try and re-shoot this to see what it looks like and re script it to make it look better but instead of the 2 parts make it a one 40-50 mins short film.

This one was also an early days experimental video with more of a script dialogue and a bit more experimental things going on than the previous video. This was a myth thing we decide to create in the woods back home about a haunting in the woods and someone going missing, yet again not great due to no budget and not that great equipment but I look the look of it looks like a late 1960s early 1970s like feel to it like the last video as well. I did look back at some old 1960s stuff to take inspiration for this one and then drafted a few ideas and some scripts but due to no budget and all it was hard to do things compared to what I can do nowadays if you watch my newer videos and short films I upload thanks to University have amazing equipment and props being cheap to buy like fake blood and all. This video was mainly experiment wise it was intended as you could see a draft or test for a feature film I had started scripting but I scrapped. This again I want to re shoot because this wasn’t the best and looking at it now looks a scripting mess and my acting wasn’t brilliant back then this had a better script than The Last Hope to it’s own sense this was like a spiritual sequel or you could say an equal to The Last Hope, because of the whole death coming to take lives but in this he is trapped in the woods and needs to feed on certain human souls to escape. I had planned for 2 more spiritual equal/ sequel films one entitled “The Other Side” this involved death capturing and torturing humans and then taking them to the other side where they where trapped and they had to find a way to escape the other side and return to the land of the living this was scrapped as there was no way it could of been filmed without some sort of budget  had started scripting it and we planned to film it in November 2014 but it fell though so it was thrown to one side never to be seen again. The second one was entitled “Death Comes Full Circle” this was a good script and the tutor back at college liked this script but yet again I didn’t know special effects and didn’t know green screen much back then an with no budget these things are hard to do due which is a shame, I had a massive passion in creating these things and wanted to continue it as a weekly thing but got to ambitious to the point where a budget was needed or advanced camera equipment, I also planned in maybe turning this into a musical and take inspiration from, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment, the film would place death/the grim reaper into funny situations with people he has to take to the other side on a daily basis, and also it would take mainly on the other side in hell it was basically a comedy horror musical, to be honest I am going to come back to this because I think it was hilarious and I scripted it so well it was only 18 mins but with the songs made it around 45 mins, the songs where hilarious but then again I would need to find a music composer to make the songs here we go again with the budget thing, it’s the main reason this was also scrapped unfortunately.

Now this one was a hard one for me to script and to film as at the time of filming this I myself was servery depressed but didn’t come to terms with it and went on what you could say a mental breakdown for months which I do discuss at the end of the short film. I made this short film to show awareness  that you are not alone in the battle with depression and that there is help out there,and that you don’t need to keep it bottled in as that will only make it a lot worse. We had filmed quite a lot for this but when we looked back at some of the things that we had filmed we thought this was too extreme, and some of the footage was too full on and we felt that people wouldn’t want to see some of the stuff as it was upsetting, and to be fair upset me at the time so we cut it and deleted it, especially the scene with the girl cheating and all it was too full on and I felt like this was not needed, even though it was one of the better scenes and it was very good acting wise I didn’t want it to be in this awareness video. There was also another scene which was amazing but was scrapped from the short film which involved a scene near a river where I would contemplate jumping in and then it would show flashbacks faded into the screen with me looking in the water an stuff would keep popping up that happened in the past. I wanted the video to express what a depressed person is feeling and how they would act to certain scenarios and what they go through in there day to day life especially if you are having a mental breakdown.

This is also another awareness video that I created this time for people with Asperger’s Syndrome in general as that is what I have. This video yet again kind of hit me in an emotional way scripting it and deciding what to do and what to place in the video. It basically tells a story of how people with Asperger’s syndrome in general are outcasted and don’t have many friends as they find it hard to make friends due to there condition and they just wander around places looking for friends, something which I struggled with during childhood and early teenage years as well as being bullied because of it for being different and acting what people call “Normal” if there is such things as every one is unique in there own way.  The video also shows how people with Asperger’s syndrome are fascinated by certain things and get attached to them I decided to incorporate wild life and exploring as the main theme as that’s what I loved to do back in the days.

This is where things started to improve with my documentary on my hometown which I uploaded in January 2015. I decided I wanted to do something to show how I was raised and what my childhood was like and what it looks like now. I had gotten better camera equipment and started editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. I really enjoyed filming this as I did script the entire thing with one of my friends from college which took a while and we did pull a few scenes out as we felt they where not that good and one of them we went into an abandoned haunted house which we spent the night and shot some things but we felt we would of got into trouble adding this into the short documentary due to it being filmed by the council so we scrapped it. one scene took a while to do the toy like scene of the town took many re shoots as we wanted to get it right. I also had fun filming the go pro slope video as I use to go there a lot just to hang out with friends. As you can see with this compared to the other 3 it is a lot better and more creativity has gone in and you can tell a lot of time was put into this project especially the content and the way it looks.

Filmed in January 2017 I took a 2 year break from making short films because I wanted to try out other things like acting and gaming as well as expressing my interest in rock climbing. This was part of a social media blog for 1st years work which we actually had no script it was ma up on the spot and I improvised most of it. The audio quality was a bit naff as we had this static thing in background due to the Cannon 700D camera, and we couldn’t remove it so tried to cover it up which we was gutted about as we spent a lot of time on this only for the audio to ruin it. But this shows a massive improvement from 2014 to this video in 2017 something which I am proud off and will only get even better as time goes on and I complete my degree and do a masters degree and film more films which I plan on doing next year as well as a feature length romance film which I a currently scripting.

Now this took me and Matt ages to film and edit we put around a whole 2-3 weeks into editing this and 2 days to film it along with spending days making posters you can check out that blog here ”” I quite like how this turned out another project for social media 1st year for 2nd assignment, we did 3 parts to this and this one was the best one and the one we spent ages doing and we filmed about 5 hours worth of footage for this part but only used 45 mins for this we could of made it a 2 hour thing easily, but we felt like we will stick to the short film 3 part trilogy thing, I am actually re editing the 3 parts to make it a feature 90 mins film with new footage not seen in the 3 part short film trilogy which I intend in releasing next month and will be one of my blogs for this assignment. Me and Matt plan on doing something similar to this for the group project for social media for 2nd assignment if we can make films as that’s what we love doing prefer to go out there write a script and go out and film.

Here is another one I have done for the Web section:


With this assignment I collected a few of my photos through the years and put them on here for showcase, a lot of them are like mountain climbing ones as I love climbing high on mountains and take in the view as it’s breathtaking climbing up mountains and then seeing the views, and to go an explore and venture into the wild is also another interesting hobby of mine as you can find some amazing things in the world if you venture around.









There are a lot more but decided to show case these ones as they portray a story per image, like the 3 shadows image could mean anything from The Three Stooges to a parody or something it’s where ever your imagination takes you.

I have also taken some new photos to show storytelling through pictures here they are below:

These two pictures that I have taken above can tell many stories, my story and the reason I took these certain pictures is because it portrays darkness and loneliness.

This is pretty easy to get to be honest it’s basically just saying that someone is trying to find the light, they are trying to find the meaning to life and they are looking around for it, as well as the light escaping on the first picture to show there light is fading and all hope is fading away in the tip of there hands.

The meaning to this is basically the inner beauty, it could just say something as simple as life out there above the clouds just waiting to be explored.

The meaning of other life forms out there, the meaning of wanting to be loved, the meaning of loneliness even the meaning of where do we go from here? a stand still on life.

guess for yourselves on this one

This next one fits into 2 sections


In this section we where told to make our own superheroes and make a background to them including there powers and a story to there character.

1.AquasStorm (Klark Cassidy)


First up is AquaStorm turned into a mutated human being due to lab experiments in a parallel universe in the year 2158 sent back in time to 2030 to save the human race from an alien invasion on Earth. He has the power of water and can control matter with his mind and has superhuman strength and excellent fighting skills having master Kung-Fu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Karate. His water controlling power can also make him levitate and capture people in water bubbles which can cause others to be paralysed for a certain time. He can also breathe under water for an unlimited time. The reason for his outfit especially the robotic armour is because due to the experiments carried out on him he had weak legs so he had to get some robotics to help him out. The reason for the choice of the costume is well he has water ability powers the red pants are a heat balancer so he can turn his water into scorching hot water also keep his cold legs warm like a radiator you could say. The purple jacket is just for show as he likes the colour purple.


2. HexLord (Thomas Phantasm)


He is a genetic mutated human being he was experimented on  the age of 12 years old in 1702 up until he escaped at the age of 32 and escaped in a pod from Earth to Mars where he has been hiding for the last 300 years. He has the power of a werewolf, superhuman hearing and can smell a person from 2 miles away, he also ha the power to call upon supernatural forces and conjour werewolves and also posses other supernatural entities and use there powers for a limited time. The reason for his dark black mech is to blend in with the darkness and he has the ability to be invisible to the human eye unless he reveals himself.  Rumour has it he has turned to the dark side and has become a supervillian to take down humanity. His costume design is mainly inspired by witchcraft and hence the hex and the full black armour,he use to be married to a witch as well. The gold glove can conjure various spells like lightning and fire and also some cool witchcraft stuff like summon the dead, some say he is one of the deadliest thing in the universe.


3. ElectroPunk (Paul Grayson)


He was born before the creation of Earth on a planet 500000 miles away from Earth on his home planet of Krios. He can control electricity and can also transform into electricity and live in electronics to hide from his enemy’s. The reason for the pumpkin on his head is to disguise his real face underneath as some say it’s the most horrifying and scary thing known to man. He is a supervillian hellbent on the destruction of planets and to terrify those who are weak minded. He also has superhuman speed and can travel faster than light some say. His costume which is basically a pumpkin because that’s the last thing he saw before he died so took on the form of a pumpkin person.

Who Inspires You (WRITING)

So I decided to choose this section for this part of the assignment now I am going to go into detail with this as I have a few people that inspire me for certain reasons.

To start off with the first person that inspires me is the musician known as LIGHTS


The reason that she inspires me are for a number of reasons one of the reasons is her music it’s so inspirational and inspiring unlike any other music that I have heard before, her music is literally out of this world not like this mainstream rubbish you have nowadays her music is unique for a number of reasons. She inspires me to do so much and her music motivates me and has helped me through tough times as her music is so relaxing and peaceful and she actually inspired me to try out writing music for myself and try out music producing for myself. I have been a fan of hers since her 2009 album “The Listening” I immediately fell in love with the album especially the songs “Ice” and “February Air” and “Second Go” to be honest all the tracks on the album are amazing and each track tells a story in it’s own way which is why I find her inspirational and unique as she doesn’t do all these love songs and breakup songs that every artist do now a days, it’s a shame she is not way more popular than she is as she fully deserves it. Her music pretty much takes you out of this world if you listen to the melody and tune out the world it feels like you are there in that song in a certain scene that fits with that music it’s that good. Another reasons why she inspires me is because she cares about her fans so much and she doesn’t take them for granted like most famous do which again is another reason which makes her more unique as an inspirational person. Lights is also such a positive person and is always smiling and I have had the privilege too see her live on 2 occasions unfortunately not managed to meet her in person  hopefully next time she tours in the UK. Finally to note is that she keeps her promises to fans and she expresses her love and appreciation to her fans openly and always thanks her fans no matter what this is why she is one of my main inspirations towards life in general.

The second person that inspires me is the legendary film director Tim Burton


Tim Burton is the main inspiration into why I decided to enter the media industry and write my own scripts and make short films and try out loads of things media wise. Tim Burton’s movies are just outstanding and I love the eerie dark gothic like tons to his movies something which makes his films that much better like the likes of “BeetleJuice” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas” I also like the style of the films and the way that he films them and incorporates the actors into the scenes which I find very interesting. Miss Peregrines House For Peculiar Children is a good example that is one of my favourite films from a visual point of view and special effects wise. I have seen every single piece of work from Tim Burton and draw inspiration from his work and the visuals of the work and incorporate it into stuff that I produce.




So one of the assignments I have chosen for this section is take your favourite films and compare them both and say why you like both films. This come in handy as my two favourite films are both musicals and both by the legendary genius that is Richard O’Brien. To start off with we will start with the songs that are within both musicals, now to me some of the Shock Treatment songs are way better than most of Rocky Horror songs due to them sticking in my head more and being so catchy, don’t get me wrong Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack in all is amazing, but some of the Shock Treatment songs just jump at me as there so catchy and stick in my head for ages, these songs are Anyhow, Anyhow and Little Black Dress are the main catchy songs but Bitchin’ In The Kitchen and Me of Me are also quite catchy and stick there in the back of my head and I just enjoy them and they stick there and I am glad they do as there a masterpiece!.

Now lets move on to the scenes I like and will describe why and the overall look of both films, now Rocky Horror Picture was solid and is now a cult classic as it is still loved and watched today 42 years after the release of the film. I particularly like “Rose tint my world / Wild & untamed thing” scene here are some pics below:


Another scene which I like because of the visuals and the overall look of it, is during the ‘Over At The Frankenstein Place/There’s a Light’ Scene I like the dark atmosphere of it that goes along with the song, as well as the camera angles and the shots they used with the song as well that fits in with the effects used which makes it one of the most iconic scenes along side “The Time Warp”. In overall I like all the scenes of Rocky Horror there is one that I don’t like and that is “Eddie’s Teddy” that song I think is the worst from the film don’t get me wrong it’s okay not a masterpiece like the rest of the songs in the film, other than that the film is pretty much a cult classic.

Now let’s move on to Shock Treatment now I like a lot of scenes from this I think it’s a film which was made truly way ahead of it’s time and I think that people don’t fully appreciate the satire, also it is especially relevant in the context to our current culture, even more so when the film was made. I like a lot of the design of the sets and costumes for this film especially the black dress for Janet, also I prefer Janet in this film than in Rocky Horror, but Brad I prefer Rocky Horror to Shock Treatment as for one you hardly get interaction with Brad in Shock Treatment as they lock him away as a mental patient on the game show. Here are a few images of the sets and costumes which I like from the film.





As you can see from the images below the sets are pretty incredible compared to Rocky Horror Picture as that was just one main set based in a castle the sets for Rocky Horror or incredible but I like the ones in Shock Treatment better for the atmosphere and also the lighting and effects in certain scenes in the film. I think overall that Shock Treatment sticks with me and I find it more enjoyable due to the fact I like the overall look of the film and the fact Janet is better in this than Rocky Horror and that she has more of a lead role in Shock Treatment compared to Rocky Horror. I also like the whole concept of Shock Treatment better if only they had a few scenes with Frank N Furter in there near the end of something would of been pretty epic.

Something which I am disappointing at is the films that never happened which where “Rocky Horror Shows His Heels/The Curse Of The Baby” and “Revenge of the Old Queen” and the stage sequel which was in production back in 2001 called “Rocky Horror: The Second Coming”. Now I have read the script for Revenge Of The Old Queen which you can read online here: Rocky Horror: Revenge Of The Old Queen Script


So for this assignment I decided to take one of my favourite actors and mash together a development of his films from some of my favourite scenes he has been in, starting with Prefontaine in 1997 then Requiem of a dream in 2000, Panic Room in 2002, Chapter 27 in 2007, Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, Suicide Squad in 2016 and finally Blade Runner 2049 in 2017. I think his roles have been unique and because he is a method actor he can bring so much potential to a role and play around with it more than what normal actors can do.  Jared Leto has developed a lot since his first film “How To Make An American Quilt” in 1995, each role he has in all of his film rather that be a main role or supporting role even a cameo he always makes that film that much more special and makes the film better than it is, take Suicide Squad for an example without him in that the film would have sucked to be honest, they should have scrapped Enchantress and made the Joker the main villain, well because they promoted the film like he was so why didn’t they?. Jared’s roles have all been unique and he has brought something special to each role this is the reason why I chose him for this part of the assignment.

So for this section of the assignment I decided to choose my most favourite comic book villain of all time The Joker. I only choose Jared Leto, Heath Ledger, Cameron Monaghan, and little snippets from Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson and of course Mark Hamill’s voice over the top of an actor role in the TV series Birds Of Prey. I would of gone down the whole history of the joker but I would of been there for hours maybe days as there is so much material of who played the joker in live action stuff and animated properly some I don’t even know about. In my opinion the most accurate Joker which I can relate to the comic books with has to be Jared Leto’s joker in Suicide Squad, don’t bite my head off each actor brought there own version of the joker to the screen, and each joker was portrayed differently so you can’t really compare the actors performances and say which is the best as each actor played a different version of The Joker. So in my opinion Jared’s Joker is more comic book accurate than any of the other live action jokers as he reminds me of the joker from the comics “The Joker” by Brian Azzarello and “Joker : Endgame” even the comics “Joker Death Of The Family” , “All-Star Batman & Robin #8” , “The Dark Knight Returns” and even has a hint of Joker from the Harley Quinn Rebirth comic book series, it’s a shame we hardly saw him in Suicide Squad he has the potential to be an amazing Joker.