Blade Runner 2049 Review


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Right I know it came out 2 weeks ago and I watched it when it came out then but here’s a quick review on what I thought about the film.

To start off with lets talk about the visual effects of the film, now personally I think the overall look and visual of the film where outstanding they where out of this world, you could tell they spent quite a lot of time making the visual effects for the film. I particularly like the special effects when Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford first meet when they are in the run down desert like place. The lighting for that particular scene in the desert with the special effects where astonishing it looked beautiful and so atmospheric, the same can be said about the city scenes there where no faults on the visual side of things for this film. The CGI parts of the film where well placed with in the film and gave the special effects an even more atmospheric feel to it and just overall made the film look beautiful.

The camera shots and angles within the film are pretty exceptional to be honest I love the over the building shots and how they glide up and down in the city then pan to various things within the city. I also like the long shots in the desert then they pan with the drone when it scans the place this gives you a feel of the place. The shots in the snowy parts in the middle and the final part of the film I noticed where a bit off and the camera was a bit jolty but it paid off with the final scene where it panned out of Ryan Gosling which I presume was his dead body as he led on the floor and it panned out all the way.

Let’s talk about the actors first off Jared Leto’s role in the film his role kind of reminds me and gives me a feel of the batman character Ra’s al Ghul also as a hint of his Joker part in Suicide Squad last year. I would of liked to off seen a tad bit more of his character and see more of a development on this side I think his character clocks in at around 15-18 minutes over 2-3 scenes in the film. Overall Jared’s character was well delivered I also watched the short film with just his character in which was a backstory to around 10 years before the events of the film, I think they should of made this the opening of the film to be honest.

Ryan Gosling’s character I thought felt a bit flat I don’t know if that’s how they where suppose to be portraying him as but it didn’t feel right at some times and felt cringe worthy in some scenes with Ana de Armas, In some parts I felt like please skip this it’s bad but like I said I think they where mean’t to have him like this, but overall Ryan Gosling put in a pretty good performance overall just some scenes should have been removed as they ruin the film for me and are dragged out longer then what they should be.

Harrison Ford, now he is hardly in this film which is  2 hr 45 minutes long, he comes in in the last 30-40 minutes or so of the film to basically wrap up the plot and the lose ends of the story line. His character feels a bit weak I guess that’s age cropping up on him and could have been scripted a tad bit better not saying it was bad but it could have been improved in some parts the whole car in the water big action scene was amazing though he nailed that in the parts that you saw him in whilst Ryan Gosling was fighting somewhat a character I felt was based on Taylor Swift it had that vibe.

Overall the film I will give it an 8.5/10 due to the fact of the astonishing visual effects and Jared Leto’s character as well as Ana De Armas character in the film, and the amazing overall atmospheric feel to the film, it’s just a shame the film has been a box office disaster making $164.5 million off a $150 million budget which could of risen to $200 million with advertisement and all.



The Beginning

Well I won’t make this first blog post too long it’s mainly an introduction to this online course DS106 mainly for Unit 1.

To start off with  I was told to write a short definition of what social media production is, personally I think that it is about creating things and sharing them online, most importantly being creative about the stuff that you post. None of this would of happened without Web 2.0 though just putting that out there just in case no one knows.

Personally I use all sorts of of social media I will link my social links after this short introduction, I use to use Instagram a lot and post daily not so much nowadays the same with Twitter. I post to Soundcloud too due to making my own music in my spare time that’s a good social media platform to share your music creations and gander at others creations.

I think this daily creates will be interesting as I normally post my stuff online quite frequently, also I like how they let you be create and do what you love to do and want to post which is a big advantage, especially when I love making short films and script writing. I also like taking loads of photos and being creative about them so hope to dive more into that through daily creates and DS106.  I also enjoy looking through other peoples work and taking inspiration from others and put that into my stuff that I produce, which is a major thing as you can’t create things without inspiration.

Here are my social media links which I will also link to this blog in the future.





Here is some of my past work from last year for you to take a gander at so you can get an idea of what stuff I will be creating for this blog.





If you want to check out some more of my work from my blog from last year here is the link for the blog :

Here’s to the next few months of doing this blog and hope you enjoy all the content that will be published onto the blog.