The Beginning

Well I won’t make this first blog post too long it’s mainly an introduction to this online course DS106 mainly for Unit 1.

To start off with  I was told to write a short definition of what social media production is, personally I think that it is about creating things and sharing them online, most importantly being creative about the stuff that you post. None of this would of happened without Web 2.0 though just putting that out there just in case no one knows.

Personally I use all sorts of of social media I will link my social links after this short introduction, I use to use Instagram a lot and post daily not so much nowadays the same with Twitter. I post to Soundcloud too due to making my own music in my spare time that’s a good social media platform to share your music creations and gander at others creations.

I think this daily creates will be interesting as I normally post my stuff online quite frequently, also I like how they let you be create and do what you love to do and want to post which is a big advantage, especially when I love making short films and script writing. I also like taking loads of photos and being creative about them so hope to dive more into that through daily creates and DS106.  I also enjoy looking through other peoples work and taking inspiration from others and put that into my stuff that I produce, which is a major thing as you can’t create things without inspiration.

Here are my social media links which I will also link to this blog in the future.





Here is some of my past work from last year for you to take a gander at so you can get an idea of what stuff I will be creating for this blog.





If you want to check out some more of my work from my blog from last year here is the link for the blog :

Here’s to the next few months of doing this blog and hope you enjoy all the content that will be published onto the blog.


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