So for this assignment section we where told to take pictures of things we find peaceful I decided to capture an image at the top of the Vijay Patel building, with a person in the Image taking photos, to show my peace is in front or behind a camera and that I feel at ease and peaceful doing this.

The second photo that I captured took some time to get right and took me quite a few attempts to capture this certain image to capture the essence of it and to get it right. This image shows the sunset as to me looking at this makes me feel warm and peaceful and it’s good to look at and the way I captured it looks like something they would put in a Star Wars film.

The third image I captured because I find peace just sitting there and relaxing with the sound of this fountain and it also looks very authentic and just gives you that feel of relaxation along side the water pumping out of the fountain.

The fourth and final image that I find peaceful is wildlife and nature it’s self nothing is more peaceful than nature it’s self and what the world has to offer! go explore in the hills and mountains it’s what I find the most peaceful with friends.

Here are some other images I also took whilst out and about:

Here is another one:

look closely at the pictures what’s this? a UFO!!???

So I went closer then this happened look closely at the picture is that an alien? image below look deep into the photo it’s an optical illusion kind of can you find it?




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