So one of the assignments I have chosen for this section is take your favourite films and compare them both and say why you like both films. This come in handy as my two favourite films are both musicals and both by the legendary genius that is Richard O’Brien. To start off with we will start with the songs that are within both musicals, now to me some of the Shock Treatment songs are way better than most of Rocky Horror songs due to them sticking in my head more and being so catchy, don’t get me wrong Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack in all is amazing, but some of the Shock Treatment songs just jump at me as there so catchy and stick in my head for ages, these songs are Anyhow, Anyhow and Little Black Dress are the main catchy songs but Bitchin’ In The Kitchen and Me of Me are also quite catchy and stick there in the back of my head and I just enjoy them and they stick there and I am glad they do as there a masterpiece!.

Now lets move on to the scenes I like and will describe why and the overall look of both films, now Rocky Horror Picture was solid and is now a cult classic as it is still loved and watched today 42 years after the release of the film. I particularly like “Rose tint my world / Wild & untamed thing” scene here are some pics below:


Another scene which I like because of the visuals and the overall look of it, is during the ‘Over At The Frankenstein Place/There’s a Light’ Scene I like the dark atmosphere of it that goes along with the song, as well as the camera angles and the shots they used with the song as well that fits in with the effects used which makes it one of the most iconic scenes along side “The Time Warp”. In overall I like all the scenes of Rocky Horror there is one that I don’t like and that is “Eddie’s Teddy” that song I think is the worst from the film don’t get me wrong it’s okay not a masterpiece like the rest of the songs in the film, other than that the film is pretty much a cult classic.

Now let’s move on to Shock Treatment now I like a lot of scenes from this I think it’s a film which was made truly way ahead of it’s time and I think that people don’t fully appreciate the satire, also it is especially relevant in the context to our current culture, even more so when the film was made. I like a lot of the design of the sets and costumes for this film especially the black dress for Janet, also I prefer Janet in this film than in Rocky Horror, but Brad I prefer Rocky Horror to Shock Treatment as for one you hardly get interaction with Brad in Shock Treatment as they lock him away as a mental patient on the game show. Here are a few images of the sets and costumes which I like from the film.





As you can see from the images below the sets are pretty incredible compared to Rocky Horror Picture as that was just one main set based in a castle the sets for Rocky Horror or incredible but I like the ones in Shock Treatment better for the atmosphere and also the lighting and effects in certain scenes in the film. I think overall that Shock Treatment sticks with me and I find it more enjoyable due to the fact I like the overall look of the film and the fact Janet is better in this than Rocky Horror and that she has more of a lead role in Shock Treatment compared to Rocky Horror. I also like the whole concept of Shock Treatment better if only they had a few scenes with Frank N Furter in there near the end of something would of been pretty epic.

Something which I am disappointing at is the films that never happened which where “Rocky Horror Shows His Heels/The Curse Of The Baby” and “Revenge of the Old Queen” and the stage sequel which was in production back in 2001 called “Rocky Horror: The Second Coming”. Now I have read the script for Revenge Of The Old Queen which you can read online here: Rocky Horror: Revenge Of The Old Queen Script


So for this assignment I decided to take one of my favourite actors and mash together a development of his films from some of my favourite scenes he has been in, starting with Prefontaine in 1997 then Requiem of a dream in 2000, Panic Room in 2002, Chapter 27 in 2007, Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, Suicide Squad in 2016 and finally Blade Runner 2049 in 2017. I think his roles have been unique and because he is a method actor he can bring so much potential to a role and play around with it more than what normal actors can do.  Jared Leto has developed a lot since his first film “How To Make An American Quilt” in 1995, each role he has in all of his film rather that be a main role or supporting role even a cameo he always makes that film that much more special and makes the film better than it is, take Suicide Squad for an example without him in that the film would have sucked to be honest, they should have scrapped Enchantress and made the Joker the main villain, well because they promoted the film like he was so why didn’t they?. Jared’s roles have all been unique and he has brought something special to each role this is the reason why I chose him for this part of the assignment.

So for this section of the assignment I decided to choose my most favourite comic book villain of all time The Joker. I only choose Jared Leto, Heath Ledger, Cameron Monaghan, and little snippets from Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson and of course Mark Hamill’s voice over the top of an actor role in the TV series Birds Of Prey. I would of gone down the whole history of the joker but I would of been there for hours maybe days as there is so much material of who played the joker in live action stuff and animated properly some I don’t even know about. In my opinion the most accurate Joker which I can relate to the comic books with has to be Jared Leto’s joker in Suicide Squad, don’t bite my head off each actor brought there own version of the joker to the screen, and each joker was portrayed differently so you can’t really compare the actors performances and say which is the best as each actor played a different version of The Joker. So in my opinion Jared’s Joker is more comic book accurate than any of the other live action jokers as he reminds me of the joker from the comics “The Joker” by Brian Azzarello and “Joker : Endgame” even the comics “Joker Death Of The Family” , “All-Star Batman & Robin #8” , “The Dark Knight Returns” and even has a hint of Joker from the Harley Quinn Rebirth comic book series, it’s a shame we hardly saw him in Suicide Squad he has the potential to be an amazing Joker.

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