Who Inspires You (WRITING)

So I decided to choose this section for this part of the assignment now I am going to go into detail with this as I have a few people that inspire me for certain reasons.

To start off with the first person that inspires me is the musician known as LIGHTS


The reason that she inspires me are for a number of reasons one of the reasons is her music it’s so inspirational and inspiring unlike any other music that I have heard before, her music is literally out of this world not like this mainstream rubbish you have nowadays her music is unique for a number of reasons. She inspires me to do so much and her music motivates me and has helped me through tough times as her music is so relaxing and peaceful and she actually inspired me to try out writing music for myself and try out music producing for myself. I have been a fan of hers since her 2009 album “The Listening” I immediately fell in love with the album especially the songs “Ice” and “February Air” and “Second Go” to be honest all the tracks on the album are amazing and each track tells a story in it’s own way which is why I find her inspirational and unique as she doesn’t do all these love songs and breakup songs that every artist do now a days, it’s a shame she is not way more popular than she is as she fully deserves it. Her music pretty much takes you out of this world if you listen to the melody and tune out the world it feels like you are there in that song in a certain scene that fits with that music it’s that good. Another reasons why she inspires me is because she cares about her fans so much and she doesn’t take them for granted like most famous do which again is another reason which makes her more unique as an inspirational person. Lights is also such a positive person and is always smiling and I have had the privilege too see her live on 2 occasions unfortunately not managed to meet her in person  hopefully next time she tours in the UK. Finally to note is that she keeps her promises to fans and she expresses her love and appreciation to her fans openly and always thanks her fans no matter what this is why she is one of my main inspirations towards life in general.

The second person that inspires me is the legendary film director Tim Burton


Tim Burton is the main inspiration into why I decided to enter the media industry and write my own scripts and make short films and try out loads of things media wise. Tim Burton’s movies are just outstanding and I love the eerie dark gothic like tons to his movies something which makes his films that much better like the likes of “BeetleJuice” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas” I also like the style of the films and the way that he films them and incorporates the actors into the scenes which I find very interesting. Miss Peregrines House For Peculiar Children is a good example that is one of my favourite films from a visual point of view and special effects wise. I have seen every single piece of work from Tim Burton and draw inspiration from his work and the visuals of the work and incorporate it into stuff that I produce.

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