I have done a few of these so I will first post the links to all the assignments done in this blog, then go through them all one by one.


So to start off I did a Darth Vader singing edit to Rocky Horror Sweet transvestite

This is how it was made it took me a while to make this effect as I had to change loads of things, I will go into detail with them here are the screenshots of proof of editing it:

As you can see I had to mess around with the pitch and amplify it and do other effects, it wasn’t an easy edit this one to make it sound like Darth Vader. I had to also use noise reduction and hiss induction to add into the echo effect.

Here is the original before I edited it:

This is just simply me singing Rocky Horror Sweet Transvestite before applying the effects for the Darth Vader version.

Me and Matt singing Man’s Not Hot: a simple cover nothing more.

Me singing Keith Lemon – I wanna go on you – again another simple cover nothing more but with a twist.

With this one I wanted to make it more comedic than the song already was by making the singing more funny, to do that I kept changing the pitch of my voice and and accent a bit through out the song to get this comedic effect. I was going to do another version to this and edit in some effects to make it more sexual than it already is but the effects just seemed odd and just weird so this version was scrapped, so I just uploaded the normal cover version with me adding a voice on for comedic effects.

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