We shall start off with this trailer I created for a stand alone batman film.

So with this trailer I decided to mash in Suicide Squad scenes and Batman V Superman scenes to create this trailer. The film will basically be Batman losing himself due to The Joker poisoning him making Batman fighting between insanity and sanity whilst this all happens Joker and Harley’s relationship takes a turn for worse after robbing a few banks and doing some heists with Batman out of the equation for a while, Joker basically starts to reject Harley Quinn and no longer want’s her but he can’t get rid of her after various attempts. Batman goes into a nightmare world to try fight this poison and get it together before he goes truly insane, He ends up returning to Gotham after fighting it to stop The Jokers plans and restore Gotham to peace once more. I made this because I am a big Batman fan mainly a massive Joker fan so I wanted to base it mainly around him and Harley Quinn, with batman in the background even though it’s a batman film.

The next one I decided to do was a music video:

This video takes you through depression and someone being stuck in a loop on the same day trying to escape this depression but also not knowing either to be alive or die. I decided to use the Alyson Stoner cover ( for this as I think that version sounds more powerful and has more emotion to it. I decided to experiment with a few things due to being stuck in a loop having time going back and fourth not knowing what’s happening What went into this was some ideas I had I listened to the lyrics very careful so I could match my actions towards them lyrics at certain points. I also decided with the whole idea I was going down to have reverse like footage I tried recording footage backwards, and forwards then reversing it both ways to give it a certain effect. I took inspiration from my older work that I had done in the past and thought to myself right this might work. The whole reverse section was the whole not wanting to die and reversing his actions and trying to come back to reality after going through the depression and wanting to die as he regrets it and knows he can’t turn it back if he goes through with the whole idea. It was pretty simple to film just used a simple Cannon 700D camera for most of it my sister filmed it and it was the first time she had used a proper camera so it came out pretty well to say she had never used a proper camera before. The editing was done in premiere pro I forgot to take screenshots of me editing which to be honest I did for most of the videos I edited forgot to screenshot them. – Decided to film a few for this section here they are:

This is just a basic weather report with a bit of a twist and some banter added in there for comedic effects. For all these green screen shots they where taken in the TV studio at university, then used Ultra Key on premiere pro to remove the green screen to add in the background stuff. This was something I made up on the spot about a volcano erupting the green screen volcano thing took me ages to find

This is just me recreating the penny wise dance from the 2017 remake film “IT”. I took a few effects and mashed them together in each of the 3 sections to give it an atmospheric feeling. Most of the effects are royalty free taken from YouTube then mashed together. Reason I did this is because I found this scene in the IT film hilarious as it was basically a meme crying out to be popular.

So for this I took inspiration from various TV panel chat like shows like

  • Celebrity Juice
  • 8 out of 10 cats
  • Through The Keyhole
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I decided because I love celebrity juice to add in some jokes and comedic things into it, to give it that celebrity juice like chat show like feel to it. This was a thing just randomly made up on the spot I was like you know what for the video assignment I wanna do a comedic chat show for it along side some other wacky things, and so I looked on DS106 assignment bank and it was there make a short chat show. Most of this was made up like the whole mafia thing isn’t true I added it for comedic purposes to draw you into the chat show. I did plan o adding in the weather segments but I filmed this first and totally forgot to be like well here’s the weather in so and so place and all so I decided to just do them as separate videos. If the main camera’s in the TV studio was on I would of used the 3 camera set up and done  few games like they do on celebrity juice and added in a few other people and made it a chat show/ game show like video. Yet again the editing for this I forgot to take screenshots……. there wasn’t much editing it was just slicing 2 videos together and took some of the footage out which deemed not relevant or a bit over the top.


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