#VFL 18 Getting Started

So today I was introduced to our next project  ‘View from Leicester’. I am really excited about this project as I will be doing solo work and group work with someone else in my class doing the project. I have taken a look at previous work to gather some inspiration and too see what is needed for this assignment.

The assignment was introduced to me by ‘British Council Film Collection‘ which is the main inspiration of this assignment and has had inspiration taken from it.The site holds hundreds and thousands of films from back in the world war days. I decided to watch a few of them to get some inspiration for the project, I like a few old films especially a few black and white ones so there ones on the site where interesting to watch. I like the way old films are created especially the silent films as there is no talking it’s miming and they have to express themselves without talking which is kind of method acting in a way.

The one’s on the British council site that I particularly liked are

http://film.britishcouncil.org/colour-in-clay – This one particularly caught my eye because my grandparents use to talk a lot about clay making back in the war times when they where kids.

http://film.britishcouncil.org/a-farmers-boy– This was another one I liked watching due to the whole farming boy experience in the olden days something my granddad spoke a lot to about when I was a kid this one was interesting to watch

http://film.britishcouncil.org/market-town This one again was due to my grandparents why I liked watching this one as my granddad use to own a shoe shop back in the 1960s-1990s and he also had his own market stall selling picture frames and other things up until 2005 when he retired, so this one was an interesting watch.

I then headed over to Photoshop and using the colours and all that is in the image I added some text #VFL18 that we are using throughout this project.


I like how this image corresponds to the text view from Leicester the image is showing a view of various things going on in the town.

I also decided to do another one to try and capture another feel to the text #VFL18

VFL18version 2

I like how the person is directly looking down at the text and his face reaction is priceless.

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