#VFL18 The Mash-up Video

I looked through the ‘British Council Film Collection‘  and came up with quite a few ideas for a mash up videos, and some parodies which would be hilarious for this blog.

One of my all time favourites on the site is Country Town this I quite enjoyed watching It’s very few I have seen that shows people growing up in a country town, as myself I grew up as a kid in a country town that’s why I find it relevant and interesting.

Here is my mashup video I have made:

The inspiration taken for this mashup video was from the 2003 film “The Room” I took the scene where Johnny kills himself and turned it into something more interesting with this mashup video. The video basically shows that Johnny hates war and he can’t take it anymore and is angry with all the violence and killings around the world and can’t stand another day living in a world like this so decides to kill himself, pretty depressing but I think it was an interesting idea to build upon that scene and to mash it up with WW2 footage.

Maybe for my final #VFL18 project stuff I could certain scenes and mash them together with green screen footage we shall have to wait and see what happens when that times comes.

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