Last week we had a meeting regarding what we where going to create and contribute to the ‘View from Leicester‘ project. We took notes on everything that was said in that meeting and discussed the ideas further so we got a better understanding were this project was going, and what direction we was going to take.

We had quite a few ideas for the project that were inspired by iHORRORdb from trailers and other things that where on the site alongside Scared To Watch site which holds quite a few horror films that you can watch, and finally CryptTV. We wanted to go down the lines of creating some sketches and film a few short films so we looked into some inspiration for the project on them sites. We watched some award winning short films online for more inspiration we watched VICIOUS  and 2AM: The Smiling Man and LOOK-SEE

We also looked at non horror short films for some more inspiration to try and mix things up for the project we looked at the thriller like film NADIA and the comedy short film The Translator

This film POST-IT was really interesting which revolved around post-it notes being the main thing of the film and it gave us a good idea but it involved water.

We finally came to an agreement after brain storming ideas and looking up things for inspiration about a YouTube and Facebook based project with the title I came up with “LEICESTER’s ART OF THE FILMS ”

I created a logo and set up the Facebook page for this project which will include all the things that will be created for the project.  LEICESTER’S ART OF THE FILMS FACEBOOK





We would be filming around Leicester to keep it a Leicester based project and try and fit it in with some of the material from the  ‘British Council Film Collection‘  and we intend doing this by creating a short war scene on the green screen as one of the short film pieces for the project, as well as some comedy and horror sketches.

So far we have created our first post on the Facebook page and our first video that we have created for the project which we could use as a promo for the group project, as well as to generate some audience to watch the things we create.

The purpose of creating these short films and sketches we will be doing is to experiment with what we plan to do in the future as in what jobs in the media we plan in doing, which  for me is directing films as well as script-writing so this project will give the experience to write and come up with ideas for parts of the project, long side direct them and help in the editing process. We hope to learn skills in acting, directing and even video editing, using these skills we can take these skills to film companies and show that we can produce things to a professional high standard. I also want to experiment with various directing techniques and film in different areas and I came across a really good TV studio warehouse in Leicester that has amazing facilities which can further our skills in the media industry, especially with the green screen facilities, they have a harness and a gliding system above the green screen which you can climb across and even crawl across, and they also have a bar and police cells and other various rooms which can be filmed in the studio can be found here 369 FILM STUDIOS



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