Jigsaw takes over the AUDIO?! I did not do it I did nawt!?

February 20th 2018 – It starts here #VFL18 #ViewFromLeicester

So me and Matthew decided to do some audio based projects and then edit sound effects and music into them to spice this group project up a lit bit more, and add some much needed pzazz. We decided to do some The Room scenes and make up and edit our own SAW scene from scratch in audio format which to be honest was really good and one that sounds good, it was a bit of a pain to edit due to levels in the audio booth and Matthew screaming at certain points but it came out pretty well once the sound effects and the music was added into the audio production.

Here is the pair of us working on this audio based projects and having some fun creating these for the #VFL18 View from Leicester group project.

First up is the SAW audio something I decided to do and planned a little script that we could go off then record this in the audio booth. I also edited the entire audio with sound effects and music added into the audio screenshot below shows me editing the project: This is something I decided I wanted to do due to the new saw film Saw 8 or as known in cinemas Jigsaw was released in October 2017 it the first film since SAW 7 : THE FINAL CHAPTER in 2010 and did good at the box office making $103 million from a $10 million budget.


Matthew also created a little poster on Photoshop to promote the short audio. I edited it a bit more as you can see in the screenshot above for the background image to overlay over the top of the audio playing.


Here is the audio for the saw scene which I created and edited and Matthew starred in and made poster for:

Next up we decided to recreate some scenes from the 2003 film “The Room” as this film is full of memes well the whole film is a meme in general, as stated “Best movie ever created” it’s so bad it’s hilarious best comedy film to date it’s a masterpiece, this is why we decided to have a crack at recording some scenes from the film and making them more comedic. This again was my idea as this whole audio section mainly was and me and Matthew discussed what we could do for this section of the project.

I edited the audio on Adobe Audition I had to correct some of the levels as Matthew’s parts where really quiet, so I had to add some gain to make it all level, after I did that I then added in the music over the top then exported and viola you have the finished product. https://youtu.be/jYJEgpCMBUM this was the music used in the audio.


I think overall this turned out pretty well I myself could of tried to make Johnny’s voice a bit better I did try to recreate his iconic dull voice, but due to my northern accent this was a tad hard but I think I did a pretty darn good job at it. Matthew’s Greg voice was on par dull but mysterious which it was like in the film so that came out pretty well. We did intend to recreate the entire film as a script audio format, but this would of taken up to much time we decided to recreate the iconic famous scenes in audio format.

What could be done next time for this section for group project is we could decide to do war based ones to take the inspiration from the ‘British Council Film Collection‘  and we have come up with a war death scene

Next up we decided to do an iconic scene from Star Wars Episode 3 which is a duel between Anakin and Obi Wan as Anakin finally turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. This turned out pretty well there are not fault that I can critise on this it all went according to plan and sounds pretty good with the music placed over the top, this was used as the music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uk7mTx7dtE.


Yet again I edited this in audition and did the same things as the other audio project, this one was easier to edit as the levels where the same so just a few tweaks and it was done viola another awesome audio project.


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