The Room Parody & Green-screen Madness

February 22nd 2018 – The Madness Continues #VFL18 #VIEWFROMLEICESTER

So me and Matthew Letts had discussed parodying the film The Room and making the famous scenes from the film, and making them even more funnier than they already where. We decided to film in the green screen room as there is more space and has some props to throw around so we could experiment with various things, which Matthew filmed and I portrayed Johnny from the film killing himself for this first part.

We also sat down for a bit and discussed what we could do with the green screen and what we can do for future projects, we wanted to do some more horror films like we did for the social media group project last year. We also discussed other things related to the ‘British Council Film Collection‘  and maybe we could do some war related green screen stuff and film it in black and white, we are at early stages for that be we did test out a comedic war death scene on the green screen, which will be included later in this blog.

Just some pictures of 2 casual people working on the #VFL18 group project! as well as working the lights to light up our scenes we filmed in the green screen room.

Here is some evidence of me editing the footage it was pretty easy for the white effect I just used the Ultra Key in Premiere Pro then added a filter over the top, I did try to add in a background to make it look good but due to the moving around and things being thrown this was impossible for my skills of green screen editing and special effects and the fact we didn’t put any trackers on the green screen.

Here is the link to the final footage of what I edited together once it was all edited and music added in

References to things used in the footage:

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

The Room – Crazy Johnny Soundtrack

What went well for this green screen segment was that it was pretty accurate to the actual scene without smashing things and smashing a TV and mirror, What I was disappointing about is we couldn’t actually green screen the background and add funny things in due to the fact we had no trackers to place down so the backgrounds would follow the person and things flying around, think if we did that then it would look a whole lot better than this gritty white looking background as that’s all I could do with it.

Next up is the green-screen madness that me and Matthew randomly came up with whilst we where filming in the green screen room and discussing ideas on how to take the project further, it’s a mash of all sorts ideas that where made up there on the spot along with a few more parody things set out like a TV show spot with adverts.I came up with the initial idea and Matthew edited the entire segment below.

I also edited together a little green screen Doctor Who regeneration totally forgot to take screenshots of me editing the video, as you can see in the video which is below there are 3 tardis inserts around the regeneration segment these I did not make I edited them a bit in after effects like the lighting to make them a bit more vibrant but did not create them I totally lost the links to these tardis videos which is on me I should have made a note of them something I will do in the future when I am editing green screen things.I also added in the sounds for the tardis blowing up and the music throughout the videos. Finally here is the video I have created:

What is planned next for the #VFL18 blog well we plan on doing some more green screen stuff, we plan on doing a TV recreation of the TV intro Freaks and Geeks, we also plan on doing a Doctor Who trailer and edit myself into it regenerating and fighting daleks and other creatures and an underwater scene. The next blog will basically be an experimental artsy like videos trying to incorporate special effects if we can into the videos that we create for the project.

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