So myself and Matthew got together once more this time we wanted to recreate a TV show as well as create our own from scratch but base it around a 90s theme looking show so we spent a while coming up with ideas and testing things out, as well as experimenting with the green screen and props.

First up is we decided to recreate the “Freaks and Geeks” TV intro here is that intro:

Now here is our version that we created we tried to keep it the same but add a little bit more passazz to it so here’s our version which Matthew edited. From the freaks and geeks TV show we learned to take something and recreate it in our own way and make it look a bit more modern and too today’s liking and a HD recreation of the original TV opening.

Next up is our own TV show intro that we decided to make we looked at a few ideas off old TV shows to gather up an idea on what we wanted to do. We mainly looked and liked this video which we took inspiration for for this opening of ours:

Next up in video below is our version which Matthew once again edited and I filmed parts of as well as came up with the initial idea for it. From this we learned to be bit more experimental with our camera angles and camera shots, and to try out different things and see if they fit in well and look good. We also learned that some certain camera angles look better for different things and how you position your camera and the shot type can totally change the meaning of that certain section of the scene.

So I came up with the idea of making a little piece from Doctor Who, The Time War to be exact and I wanted to create a few scenes of the doctor battling then regenerating at the end, I got Matthew in to help film the scenes as I would play the doctor, once the scenes where filmed I went away with the footage and then edited it via premiere pro here are a few images of the editing process.





And finally after hours of editing this all together and finding clips to mash together to make it look somewhat like the time war with added things added into it, we have the final product which you can view below:

I learned quite a lot from making this edit on premiere pro, I advanced my skills further in premiere pro and after effects as well as trying to light the subject more into a scene to make it look professional. I also learned how to place things in with the green screen properly and not have them overlapping and colliding with each over, which yet again makes the entire thing look a lot more professional. I think the bad thing at the moment with the green screen stuff is that there are lines going down the green screen which are very noticeable in stages especially the regeneration part, it makes the whole thing look tacky and unprofessional I did try a few techniques to try and remove this but had no luck, so at the moment this is what is letting us down to make them look exceptional which is what we want to go for.

References for the Time War video – Daleks , Last assessed 17/03/18 – Daleks, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Regeneration, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Tardis Landing, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Regeneration 2, Last assessed 17/03/18 – Tardis door open and close, last assessed 17/03/18 – Tardis taking off , last assessed 17/03/18 – Dalek ships, last assessed 17/03/18 – Opening titles, last assessed 17/03/18 – Portal, last assessed 17/03/18 – Lava, last assessed 17/03/18 – Gallifrey backdrop, last assessed 17/03/18

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