The Madness Continues…… #VFL18

20th March 2018 – THE MADNESS CONTINUES #VFL18

So we decided to have a little meeting to discuss more ideas and were we can take this project next. We also reviewed our previous work as well as saying what we can do to improve future projects, we decided to do this as a 9 minute production video instead of typing like a 3,000 word+ blog so you can just sit back and listen to our ideas and our reviews on our work for the project. We also go into more depth into the whole idea of filming in the studio warehouse in Leicester.

We decided to do another 2 TV adverts this time more of an original content but taking a product and making an advert for it. For both of the advert I filmed the entire thing and experimented with different shots and camera angles, and Matthew edited them which you can see below: I think personally these 2 adverts work really well and they were better than previous adverts that we decided to do an is a massive improvement on the freaks and geeks advert that we did. I like doing TV adverts and coming up with fresh new ideas and mash old ideas together to create something that is good and unique and to give it that extra pzazz. I think for these TV ads I did some pretty good camera shots and angles compared to the other stuff I have filmed for this project and I feel as time goes on you can see how much more creative I am being with my shots, and the fact that I am experimenting a lot more and wanting to try out things to see how well they work together. For these TV adverts I wanted them too look unique and different so experimented quite a lot and looked up things on how to shoot an advert and how to make it look unique and something different to what has been done before.

For next time in the green screen we have decided to make up our own character with there own back story and then become that character and method act that character who will be interviewed about there own story. Matt will play Paul the Dumpster guy and I will play a guy who has had his face burn’t off and goes around wearing masks to cover up the scars.

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