April 05th 2018….THE JOKER RISES

So to start off with I came up with an Idea of a person who had his face burn’t off due to a chemical reaction in a chemical vat similar to The Joker, this is why he becomes obsessed with The Joker and wears Joker masks to cover up his face and hide away his scars. So I sat down with Matthew Letts and discussed this idea into more further depth and how we would film it and what voice I should do for this person who I named “Burn’t Faced Man” or as he likes to call himself The Joker as it has become an obsession of his. So after further discussion with Matthew Letts we came up with an overall idea how we were going to approach this and I decided to put a random voice after testing out a few accents, I think this accent sounds Indian I am not too sure it’s something that randomly happened and I went with it so didn’t know what I would sound like until it came to me editing this video. Matthew Letts filmed this and I told him what was what and how I wanted it and how we were going to approach this just like in the meeting we had from the last blog on the ideas and how we can improve upon what we had already done, and to take this green screen thing to the next level.

Here is some screenshots of me editing the video and the process of it :

References (Joker Video) – Background last assessed 30/03/18 – Joker laugh end part last assessed 30/03/18

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Next up we have the next video another Idea of mine which I developed upon on the day, it started off with Matthew Letts improvising then I was like you know what your going to be a guy living in a dumpster and we will interview your live and what it’s like to live in a dumpster. I filmed this one as well as edited it along side filming it and Matthew Letts starred as Paul The Dumpster Guy. Unlike the Joker one Matthew didn’t put a voice on for this one and he mainly improvised this character and method acted it from something that he had previously seen to match that and make his own character from scratch. For the editing process I wanted it to look like something like Trailer Park Boys the Canadian Netflix show interview style like so I went off this when it came to the editing process and also filming with the camera angles and the shots. I did want a certain look to it but there was hardly any scrapyard like animated scenes green screen wise that I could of incorporated into it so had to improvise with what I could find that would give it the look that I wanted.

Here are some screenshots of me editing this video

References (Paul The Dumpster) – Music Last assessed 05/04/18 – Background – Last assessed 05/04/18 – Background 2 – Last assessed 05/04/18 – BACKGROUND IMAGE last assessed 05/04/18 – Blue Sky – last assessed 05/04/18….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.10.1035…0j0i67k1j0i10k1.0.u70JuuGFntc#imgrc=hVc7eGqderqvCM: – Trailer background – last assessed 05/04/18

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