So long… partner….. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you!

So the end is here the group project has come to end after weeks of creating awesome content and experimenting and exploring new ideas the end of the road is here……. but fret not where does this project go from here? well I am going to leave that choice to you… do I continue it in my own time away from university? does it end here what does all this mean? let’s take a walk down memory lane here is a short video looking back at all the projects for #VFL18

Let’s review all this work and evaluate what was good what worked and what didn’t work, and wrap up this project!

So I have done quite a lot of editing for this group project as well as experimenting with 2 cameras the Cannon 7D and the Sony A7R that’s 4K resolution. Now to start with the Cannon 7D was okay at times but the quality would be bad when it came to editing various things and not to mention the audio being really bad on the camera, even with a Rhode microphone attached it was still bad. I tried to adapt with the Cannon 7D and use a Phillips DV8010 Digital Audio Recorder to record the voice then sync it into the video it sounded pretty well but the quality and the overall look just wasn’t as intended, especially when it came to green screen editing on Premiere Pro, it made the green screen all choppy and wound’t blend in properly and you could see on the footage, even using Ultra Key and setting it to Aggressive to try chop out them bit still wound’t work, I think this was the biggest challenge that was overcome during this group project. I then came across the Sony A7R as I was using it for my Image assignment and thought hey this camera takes amazing pictures and the quality is suburb so was thinking wonder what the video quality is like as it say 4K, so tested it out with a few demo green screen shots then edited them together too see what it would be like to use it for this green-screen social media assignment, and turns out it was pretty decent so we continued with the Sony A7R in the end, because it was easy to edit with more compact and had 4K resolution, even the 1080p quality was better than the 1080p quality on the Cannon 7D and the Panasonic X100 that was previously used.

After the right camera was found after extensive search and using different equipment it was then down to try and fix the green screen and make it look as good as possible, without the lines down the screen or it fading in and out of the footage. This was the biggest challenge of the entire group project as we wanted a project that showed the creativity and experimental ideas that goes towards making a project, as well as showcasing work that we took to create and the process along the way.

I think overall through out the months working on this project me and Matthew have developed quite a lot and we built upon what we had, we also improved quite a lot as film makers, even though we did some pretty amazing horror things for the social media group project last year, this project was mainly focused upon green screen something we had hardly done before and hardly had any knowledge on, we did start with audio but we couldn’t be as creative doing that so I came up with the green screen madness project using the green screen. This is something I have wanted to go into more depth with as I have never done this in my years of doing media production from my time at College 2010-2015 and then University as it isn’t something that is done as a module, so it was good to learn something else on top of the modules at university, this is the reason why I thought it was a good idea to do for this project, to learn something new and be creative about it then experiment with it then edit and share it with the world so they can join us on this journey of something new.

I did also have an idea to produce a music track as I know how to produce music on a synthesizer and the computer sequencer FL STUDIO but unfortunately we don’t have access to the recording studios within the university there only for music students. I also had ideas for some more horror relating things but we hasn’t access to stuff we had last year to make these horror things that we had planned. I also planned this project to be a one film project and the process going into the making of it and behind the scenes which was based upon a Joker film I had scripted that is 138 pages long but this idea fell through due to not getting people involved as the project needed 3 main actors and 5 guest actors and a few extras, but due to no one willing to help out with the project this idea completely fell through but it would of been amazing to make and the process that went in to it, so for now this idea will be shelved once again, looking like this might never happen unless a miracle happens or I if Warner Bros pics it up as I sent the script into Warner Bros to take a look at highly doubtful but you never know. I spent 2 years writing that script going through all DC comics material on The Joker and Harley Quinn so then I could write them characters as I wanted and to keep them true to the comics and give them the writing they deserved and not the trash Warner Bros is allowing writers to do at the moment with DC films. You can take a look at the draft version here: Joker Film DRAFT VERSION

Finally to wrap up this project the things that could be improved next time is find a better green screen and maybe use After Effects and make our own rigs and animations to put in the background and test out how that would work. Another thing which could be improved is to go further and add special effects into it and go through the process on how to make these things, that gave me an idea which we could have done for project it could have been a How to project showing you how to make certain things, we still don’t know what the overall product was for the project as it could of been many things if you look at the bigger picture, what we wanted was to show the creativity and the experimental things you can do if you put your mind to it, we also think the project is mainly tell stories within film and use the green screen show and apply these effects.

Well that’s it THE SHIP HAS SAILED! what’s next? who knows it’s your choice if this ship sinks or continues it’s voyage to better and bigger things.

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