So for the final blog for #VFL18 we decided to a mash up of 2 things and experimental on how we could create these things. In the end we decided to use the Call on Me dance that I would try and re-enact the dance but make it as funny as possible and try makes some memes out of it. The other part is Gold digger by Kanye West which then leads into the Call on Me dance. I think overall this turned out pretty well and me and Matthew Letts pulled out quite a few memes from this which will be added into the Presentation for #VFL18. In general we wanted to make this as comedic as possible and we tried out a few things to make this possible obviously some of the footage we didn’t use as we thought it wasn’t how we wanted it to turn out. I came up with this whole initial idea of the comedic re-enactment and in general directed it and said what was what and how it was going to look overall.

I wanted to do something like this for a comedic effect and thought that this group project was a good way to do this. I had a few ideas for this so sat down with Matthew and discussed what would could do in another meeting to generate more ideas, and to yet again reflect on what we did and see how we could take this project further, and if we would carry it on and what this group project actually mean’t as it was a bit jumbled up as it could of been many things.

Originally I wanted the green screen to look like a studio like the Call On Me music video below:

I had to watch the video a few times to try and get all the dance moves into my own version that we where creating, this was a challenge and half as I ain’t a dancer or choreographer I did try my best and got most of it accurate to the video. I then tried out some test dances and moves before we filmed this to get the right tempo and to try and focus on what was going on within the video, due to it being an upbeat music track it was difficult I think overall though it turned out pretty well and looks good, it also looks more comedic to the original version which is the look that I was going for.

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